October 2013

Breaking down the Purdie Shuffle--My Favorite Groove

Quick, name the most prolific drummer in the history of recorded music. Still thinking? If your answer was anyone other than Bernard "Pretty" Purdie (come on now...be honest), I have unfortunate news for you--it's Bernard Purdie. Ok, now that we've established that, it's time to put your thinking cap back on. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Bernard Purdie?

From Martial Arts to Music: An Interview with Guitar Student Andy D.

This week we are featuring Andy D., a multi-talented student who was kind enough spend some time talking with us about his background, the guitar, and his thoughts on music. Originally from England, Andy moved to the United States to work in New York as an IT professional. He fell in love with the city and never left. We had the pleasure of hearing Andy perform at the 2013 Recital, where he wowed the audience with a solo guitar and voice version of "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks.

3 Classic John Bonham Beats You Must Know

When it comes to the vast world of rock, there have been many great drummers, and there will be several more to come. But there is one name that consistently comes up during the ongoing debate of who is the "best" rock drummer ever: John Henry Bonham. I'll admit it -- I didn't listen to much Led Zeppelin growing up, and I still don't listen to them all that often. But it only takes one Zep hit to instantly know when it's Bonham you're hearing.