Book Reviews

Mick Goodrick Supplies a DIY Manual for the Advancing Guitarist

Mick Goodrick is a guitarist, author, teacher, and to some, a philosopher. Goodrick is an unsung hero in the guitar world and probably one of the greatest players living today. As a professor at Boston's Berklee College of Music, his analytical and clear approach to exploring music in general and guitar in particular has influenced countless players and composers. The Advancing Guitarist is a book Goodrick wrote in 1987 that has since become a cult classic among guitarists and other musicians.

Werner’s Self-Help Guide Paves the Way to Effortless Mastery

Pianist, author, and teacher Kenny Werner is one of the world's top improvising artists. His book Effortless Mastery has struck a chord (no pun intended) with whole generations of aspiring musicians. Unlike many music books, Effortless Mastery deals with the psychological and spiritual aspects of playing music.

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