Duke Ellington: Piano Jazz Man

As a child Ellington did not travel or live a remarkably exciting existence. His life revolved around Washington, D.C. He lived there for the first 24 years of his life and it is where his professional career took shape. Duke Ellington's start in music was slow in his early teens he started to play the piano. Poor music reading skills got him kicked out of more than one large ensemble but he played with small groups that he booked jobs with. They were known as Duke Ellington's Serenaders and by the age of 20 he and his wife Edna could live off of his musical earnings.

A Guide to Women Composers

Women have accomplished great things throughout history. They have left their mark on society right beside their male counterpart. Today, we can see their achievements in the world of entertainment, politics, literature, science, sports and the arts. Women have shown over the years that they can rise and succeed; showing that they are more than just wives, mothers and housekeepers. Some have artistic talent, going down in history as noted music composers. Music makes the world go around, and there are some women who know how to make the musical notes come together.

Music Lessons and Web Quests: Famous Composers

A talented composer has the ability to create a musical work that leaves a lasting impression on a listener. One composer may create, or write, a single song, while another may be able to fashion an entire symphony. Mozart and Beethoven were gifted composers who created their music over two hundred years ago, yet we still cherish their compositions to this day. Composers create orchestrations that are universal. A virtuosic composer like Mozart or Beethoven has the ability to create a piece of music that will endure long after their lifetime.

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