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The Zen of Singing: An interview with Wendy P.

This week we're featuring Wendy P., a voice teacher and singer in the Chicago area. Originally from Atchison Kansas, Wendy began performing early in life and eventually went on to earn her bachelor's degree in music from University of Kansas, and later earned a master's at Columbia College in Chicago. Though classically trained, Wendy as an eclectic interest in various styles of singing including rock, jazz, and musical theater. An accomplished performer, she was a founding member of The Red Apples, who she performed with for 10 years.

Tracing the Threads with Alastair O.

This week we will feature the multi-talented instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, bandleader, and teacher, Alastair O. Alastair was kind enough to chat with us a bit about his career, his thoughts on music, and his approach to teaching. Alastair holds a bachelor's degree in music from the prestigious North Texas University, and currently resides in Brooklyn New York, where he continues to perform, compose, and produce. He also gives lessons on sax, guitar, piano, singing, and theory.

Under the Microscope with Joe H - Pro Piano Teacher and Creator of 'Syntorial'

For our first Featured Teacher interview we sat down with Joe H., a professional pianist, teacher, composer and producer for film, advertising, and private businesses, and most recently, a music software developer.

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