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How To: Tune Your Guitar

One of the first things you'll learn while taking guitar lessons is how to tune your guitar. If your strings are out of tune, then nothing is going to sound right. Plus, learning to tune orients you with all the parts of your guitar. It's important that you know your instrument inside and out.

How To: Perfect Your Piano-Playing Posture

Posture is one of the first things you'll learn in piano lessons. It may seem unrelated and boring, but having the right posture will enable you to play to the best of your abilities. It also allows for greater comfort and increased stamina, which will help you out down the road. Here's a simple checklist for making sure you have correct posture:

1. Body is positioned on the front half of the bench or stool

2. Feet are planted firmly on the floor

3. Knees are slightly under the keys

4. Angle of legs is just over 90 degrees at the knees.

How To: Refine Your Picking Technique

Picking is fundamental to learning to play the guitar. It involves using your fingers or a special pick to strum the strings of a guitar. Each method makes a different sound, so many advanced guitarists learn many picking methods. Either way, you can’t learn to play guitar without learning to pick first. Here’s a short guide to familiarize yourself with this essential component of guitar playing. We’ll cover the four most popular picking methods, then show you what’s good, and what’s not so good, about each.

How To: Memorize Note Names on the Guitar

Being able to find the note names on a fretboard is one of the most useful skills for a developing guitar player. It's crucial not only for reading music, but also for playing in the right keys and being able to solo. Below you'll find the basics of note names and how to find them on a fretboard.

Simple Piano Exercises To Get Those Fingers Moving

One of the first things beginner piano players struggle with is getting their fingers to move quickly and independently from one another. For young players, undeveloped motor skills are usually to blame, but such troubles might also stem from beginners not having accustomed their hands to the distance between the keys and the position of notes on the keyboard.

Guitar Buying 101: Genre-Specific Picks

Which guitar to buy depends mostly on a few different factors: your style of music, your budget, and your tastes. Although you can play any style of music on any guitar, there are some guitars that lend themselves to particular genres. Do you want to rock loud with distortion or play mellow folk songs? Do you want to play twangy bluegrass or smooth jazz? For classic rock and heavy metal, you'll need an electric guitar. For bluegrass or classical, you might want an acoustic or classical guitar.

How To: Make Practice Time More Efficient

In this article, I will address a topic that frequently comes up for both beginner and professional musicians. How can I get the most from my practice time? How can I be sure I'm going to get better? How do I keep from being overwhelmed by all there is to learn? There are probably many opinions from many fine musicians and educators on this topic, and each viewpoint is definitely worth studying. For my part, I wanted to list some of my common practice pitfalls, and explain the ways I dealt with them.

6 Ways To Get The Most From Your Piano Lessons

Taking piano lessons can be very fun and rewarding. There is really nothing quite like the satisfaction you get from completing your favorite piece or watching your son or daughter perform in a recital. While finding the right piano teacher is an important first step toward successful lessons, it's certainly not your last. A little effort can go a long way to ensure that you or your child are getting the most out of piano lessons. Here are are few pointers on what to do to maximize progress and form a productive relationship with your teacher!

How To: Choose The Right Teacher For Music Lessons

The right dynamic between student and music teacher is essential for a fun and rewarding experience. You look forward to lessons with a great teacher and don't view them as work or an obligation. No one wants to be stuck with a someone they don't like, so take some time to think seriously about what you want and who's right for you. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a teacher:

How To: Set Up Your Drums

Welcome to the world of drums! If you are just starting out, setting up your drums is vital. It's one of the most important, basic steps that will get you grooving in the right direction. After all, you can't rock out if your arm gets cramped in the first five minutes of playing.


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