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Guitar Lessons in Bergen County, NJ

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It's great to be able to play in the style of greats like George Harrison, Keith Richards and Jerry Garcia, but to really master the guitar takes some work. Time, practice, and a qualified teacher to give you guitar lessons are all important.

Take Guitar Lessons in the Tranquility of Your Own Home or in a Nearby Bergen County Teacher's Studio

At Encore Music, we understand that a relaxed environment ensures a positive experience. You can take guitar lessons at your home, your office, or at a teacher's studio, whichever you find most comfortable.

We'll make a note of your preferred schedule and use that to match you with a guitar teacher that will fit your needs.

Learning to play the guitar is within your grasp. Call now to be paired with a skilled guitar teacher in the Bergen County area!

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Encore Music Lessons

  • Locations throughout the greater Bergen County area: Take guitar lessons in the conveniance of your home or in a teacher's studio.
  • No Semester System or Term Contracts.
  • Registration is Free: It costs nothing to sign up!
  • Individual Schedules: Let us know what times work for you and we'll connect you to a guitar teacher who fits your schedule.
  • Affordable Alternatives: Select a guitar lesson length that fits your budget .

Distance: 1.77 miles

Education: Bachelor of Music Jazz Performance (BM), William Paterson University [1998]

Distance: 9.88 miles

In-Home Lessons

Education: Bachelor of Music Jazz Performance (BM), William Paterson University [1998]

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Student Reviews

I never thought I could play the guitar....

...but then I was connected with Ian through Encore music. He started out reassuring me that I could and would play and with hard work, would be very proficient. Ian is a very encouraging teacher who seems to have limitless patience and understanding. He teaches me what I want to play and has never suggested that I couldn't play a piece because it's 'Too Hard', only that I'll need to practice if I want to improve. I've been studying now for close to 6 months and I can already safely say 'I can play the guitar'. I have 3 songs (including a fingerstyle instrumental) under my belt and continue to learn more all the time and my mom in the UK heard me play for the first time last weekend and was shocked at how far I've come. I'd like to say it's all down to me and practice but without Ian's encouragement and belief, I wouldn't be as far along as I am right now. If you are serious about learning the guitar (or the piano), I can highly recommend Ian as an excellent teacher, you just can't have him Monday at 7 - that's my time :)

Andy D Teacher: Ian S.