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Piano Lessons in Sugar Hill, GA

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Encore Music Lessons makes it easy to get in touch with a good Sugar Hill based piano teacher. After making a note of your availability we'll match you with a great teacher so you can start your piano lessons.

Piano lessons can help you improve so that some day you can play in the style of legends like Tori Amos, Ray Charles or Bruce Hornsby.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Encore Music Lessons

  • Conveniant Schedules : With a such a wide array of piano teachers in Sugar Hill, students will find it's easy to connect with the right teacher.
  • Ages, Levels & Styles: Piano lessons are available to kids and adults, at any level and style.
  • Student Registration is Free!
  • Affordable Alternatives: Select a piano lesson length that fits your budget .
  • Easily accessible locations in and around the Sugar Hill area. Take piano lessons in a teacher's studio or in the comfort of your living room!
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Education: Counseling (M.Ed.), Georgia State University [1995]

In-Home Lessons

5.0 out of 5
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Education: Counseling (M.Ed.), Georgia State University [1995]

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Student Reviews

Recommended Teacher

I have had the chance to study under a few different teachers over the course of my brief foray into piano and, given the different styles I have been exposed to, I rate my instructors based on the following categories: Flexibility - Hiromi is very flexible in terms of course structure as well as lesson times. I have had to reschedule my lessons on several occasions to another date and she was able to accommodate by providing convenient times. Technical Proficiency - Her mastery of the piano is top notch. Most of the music I study are not based on her curriculum but rather pieces that I bring to the lesson. Having never seen or played most of the pieces previously, she is still able to provide instructions on how to play the piece and play it herself to show how it should sound. Teaching Method - She requires the student to maintain a consistent level of practice and will assign enough work for the week based on the expected available time for this purpose. During the lesson, she will consistently work with the student to ensure that even minor mistakes are corrected to ensure they do not become accustomed to erroneous methods. Overall, I would highly recommend her as an instructor whether you are learning to play as a hobby or would like to start a career as a pianist.

Tian - NYC, NY Teacher: Hiromi K.