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Piano Lessons in Beverly, MA

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While taking piano lessons in a group might sound appealing, there are definite advantages to studying the piano privately one and one with a trained teacher. Sometimes in a class you can get left behind. When you take private piano lessons your teacher knows you better and can assist you directly with learning piano technique.

We'll find out a bit about what you're looking for and use that to match you with a piano teacher in the Essex County area.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Encore Music Lessons

  • Request a Beverly piano teacher yourself from our Teacher Directory, or simply let us know your preferred schedule and we'll connect you with an instructor that can accommodate you.
  • Affordable Options: Choose a piano lesson length that fits your budget.
  • No Term Contracts: There's no commitment so you can stop the piano lessons when you want, without being penalized.
  • Registration is Free: It costs nothing to sign up!
  • Students in the Beverly area have the option of taking piano lessons in the comfort of their home or in a teacher's studio.
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Distance: 3.13 miles

Education: Doctorate of Music Education (DMA), Boston University [2014]

In-Home Lessons

5.0 out of 5
(1 review)

Education: Doctorate of Music Education (DMA), Boston University [2014]

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Student Reviews

She's Great

Our former teacher kept cancelling the lessons which caused my kids to become uninterested in piano. When I switched to Ms. Lorainne, they started to enjoy lessons again. She is an outstanding teacher. I really like that she helps with technique and doesn't just let them play the notes.

CARLA - PARK RIDGE, IL Teacher: Lorraine M.