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Piano Lessons in Marblehead, MA

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It's easy to get in touch with a great piano teacher through Encore Music Lessons. We'll make a note of your availability and your goals. Within a day or so you'll be starting piano lessons!

If you want to someday get to the level of a players such as Bill Evans, Chick Corea or Dave Brubeck, piano lessons can help.

To get started give us a call at (800) 417-4620.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Encore Music Lessons

  • Registration is Free: It costs nothing to sign up!
  • Personalized Scheduling: We'll take down your preferred availability and connect you with a piano teacher.
  • Easily accessible locations in and around the Marblehead area. Take piano lessons in a teacher's studio or in the comfort of your living room!
  • Whether you have been playing piano for years or are just starting out, you can take lessons with a teacher nearby.
  • No Term Contracts: There's no commitment so you can stop the piano lessons when you want, without being penalized.
5.0 out of 5
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Distance: 2.68 miles

Education: Doctorate of Music Education (DMA), Boston University [2014]

In-Home Lessons

5.0 out of 5
(1 review)

Education: Doctorate of Music Education (DMA), Boston University [2014]

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Student Reviews

Piano lessons

Lindsay has been a great teacher to my 7 year old son. She is patient and caring but also focus on the material she wants to cover for each lesson. Always prepared and armed with the tools she needs to convey her idea. She is excellent.

TRUDY - Flushing , NY Teacher: Lindsay M.