Saxophone Lessons in Great Neck, NY

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To learn how to play the saxophone means different things for different people so it's important to get matched with an appropriate teacher.

We'll take down some basic information such as your availability, your location, and your level of ability, and match you with a saxophone teacher that's right on target for your interests.

Saxophone Lessons in Your Area - in Your Home or Long Island based Teacher's Studio

Saxophone lessons can be in your home, office or in a teacher's studio, and are available in most areas of Long Island.

To get more information, please call (516) 568-4942.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Encore Music Lessons

  • Students in the Great Neck area have the option of taking saxophone lessons in the comfort of their home or in a teacher's studio.
  • Personalized Scheduling: We'll take down your preferred availability and connect you with a saxophone teacher.
  • Request a Great Neck saxophone teacher yourself from our Teacher Directory, or simply let us know your preferred schedule and we'll connect you with an instructor that can accommodate you.
  • Student Registration is Free!
  • Ages, Levels & Styles: Saxophone lessons are available to kids and adults, at any level and style.

Gift Certificates

Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates. Piano Lesson Gift Certificates. Voice Lesson Gift Certificates.

Why not give the gift of music to someone in the Long Island area? We have saxophone lesson Gift Certificates available in groups of 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 lessons.

If you need the gift certificate instantly we can send it to you by email as a PDF file. Or if you'd prefer, we can send it by regular mail.

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Student Reviews


Jon is a very patient instructor and a genuine pleasure to work with. He is very accommodating with the time that novices like myself need when practicing. He has a wealth of knowledge that is more than eager to share with you. Always a pleasure!

Ameet Barve - NYC, NY Teacher: Jon D.