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Piano Teacher

Influences: Russian/Bulgarian School of Piano Playing

About Me:
I believe that, for a pianist, one of the most important conditions to becoming a good performer and a teacher is having excellent teachers. Teachers inspire and influence their students. I feel lucky that I had a chance to always work with some of the best piano teachers and professors. While being in the Music High School in Varna (Bulgaria) I studied with Maria Gineva (a Moscow Conservatory graduate), one of the top music school teachers in Bulgaria. Later, during my studies at the National Academy of Music in Sofia (Bulgaria), I had the privilege to work with one of the best piano professors in my country and an incredible pianist, Prof. Snezana Barova. She also graduated from the Moscow Conservatory where she studied with one of the best pianists of all times, H. Neuhaus. Working with these teachers, I was highly influenced by the Russian Piano School. I can say that I developed my performance and teaching styles as a product of this so-called "Russian piano style" with all of its characteristic elements - the beautiful singing tone, the flexibility of the phrase, and the unique expression of the performance.

During my Doctorate studies at the SUNY Stony Brook I've been working with Prof. Dahl, a wonderful pianist and student of Gil Kalish.Living and studying in the US not only gave me the opportunity to observe some different performance approaches, but also new methods of teaching piano. As a result, in my teaching practice (especially working with beginners) I also incorporate some American Methods, such as Bastien's and Alfred's Methods. However, since I was taught in the Russian School of Piano Playing, that is the method that I primarily use in my teaching practice. Time and performance experiences throughout the centuries have proven that it is one of the best Piano Schools.

In conclusion my belief is that a good teacher must have the patience and understanding that the students need and a good knowledge about human psychology, something that is very important when working with students from different ages and backgrounds.

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  • Resident Piano Accompanist at Brooklyn College Preparatory center for the Performing Arts-I was primarily working with your children-violin and cello students.I was helping them to get adjusted to playing with a piano accompaniment and to feel more comfortable performing on the stage-I was acting as coach and accompanist at the same time. [2006 - 2009]
  • Piano Accompanist at Lucy Moses Music School-working with young violin,cello and voice students-helping them for their rehearsals and performances and master classes. [2007 - 2012]
  • Currently I work as a rehearsal pianist for the American Classical Orchestra. [2011 - 2012]
  • Teaching private piano students [2006 - 2012]


  • Graduated, Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance (DMA), SUNY at Stony Brook [2008]

Studied With:

  • Prof. Snezana Barova [1995 - 2000]
  • Prof. Svetozar Ivanov [2000 - 2002]
  • Prof. Christina Dahl [2002 - 2007]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • Piano Master Class with Jermen Munie, Paris Superior Conservatory [1996]
  • Piano Master Class with John Ellis (UM), University of South Florida [2001]
  • Piano Master Class with Leonidas Lipovetsky (FSU) , University of South Florida [2001]
  • Piano Master Class with Logan Skelton (UM), University of South Florida [2002]
  • Piano Master Class with Oksana Yablonskaya, National Academy of Music, Sofia,Bulgaria [1993]


  • Invited to become a member of, Pi Kappa Lambda Music Honor Society [2002]


  • National Piano Competition - National Music Academy, Sofia,Bulgaria [1997]
  • Concerto Competition Winner - Third Place - Ocala Symphony Orchestra [2000]
  • Concerto Competition Winner - Second Place - University of South Florida, Tampa,FL [2000]
  • Graduate Student Employee of the Year - 04/05 - Director's Office of Melville Library at SUNY Stony Brook [2005]

Recent Performances:

  • Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall [December, 2006]
  • Concert at the [June, 2011]


  • Graduate Assistantship [2000 - 2002]
  • Tuition Scholarship [2002 - 2008]

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  • Chopin Fantasy-Impromtu in C Sharp Minor
    1. Chopin Fantasy-Impromtu in C Sharp Minor

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