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Drums Teacher

Influences: Jeff Hamilton, Brian Blade, Bill Stewart, Joe Labarbera, Peter Erskine, Kenny Washington, Ari Hoenig, Scott Amendola, John Fishman, Billy Martin

David also teaches guitar

About Me:
I like to teach students how to play music they really love and feel connected to. My specialty is jazz but I grew up listening and playing many styles of music so I have insight into many different ways of playing. No matter what style you play there are basic fundamentals that apply to everything. I teach students hand and foot techniques, reading, four limb coordination and transcribing skills. You will listen and play along to records and also learn to play to a metronome.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Professional Musician [1997 - 2007]
  • Private Teaching Instructor [1998 - 2007]


  • Graduated, Asociates Degree in Music Performance (AA), Orange Coast College [1999]

Studied With:

  • Jeff Hamilton [2000 - 2005]
  • Peter Erskine [2004 - 2005]
  • Joe Labarbera [2005 - 2006]
  • Kenny Washington [2007 - 2008]

Recent Performances:

  • David Ashkenazy Quartet @ Smalls [May, 2008]


  • David Ashkenazy Quartet - "Resonation" [2006]
  • The Fotet - "The Fotet" [2003]

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