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5.0 out of 5 (11 student reviews)

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Piano Teacher

Influences: POP: Elton John, Sara Bareilles, Billy Joel, Coldplay, Fiona Apple
CLASSICAL: Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff
JAZZ: Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, Bill Evans, Ahmad Jamal
PRODUCTION: Ryan Tedder,, Rick Rubin, Dr. Luke, Stargate

About Me:
Regardless of your desired style of music, you'll receive weekly lessons that are built around the music you want to play, by the artists and composers you like, in the comfort of your own home, or Joe's Upper East Side studio. Joe has taught kids, teens and adults, and specializes in beginner to advanced skill levels. He has performance and teaching experience in many styles including jazz, classical, pop, blues, R&B and jazz fusion. You can learn on piano, organ, electric piano, and synth keyboards, depending on what keyboard styles you're after.<br><br> Joe is also an experienced music producer, and his studio is fully equipped to teach modern day production techniques utilizing software like Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton and Garageband. Keyboard lessons can be tailored around the needs of today's producers and will enable you to write, record and mix your own songs and tracks.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • PRIVATE INSTRUCTOR - Teaches private piano lessons throughout the Manhattan, NY area (and formerly in the San Diego, CA area). References available upon request.
  • SIDEMAN - 1) Performed piano and keyboards with Universal Motown recording artist Tina Parol. 2) Performed as a pianist, organist and guitarist in the Mike Willis Band (folk/rock). Toured around the Midwest in the summer of 2000, and played gigs prior to that in Boston. Recorded an album in a professional studio in Atlanta, GA. 3) Performed rhodes and synth in the Chrissi Poland Band, a modern R&B band based in Boston. Played gigs in New York City and around the Boston area including the House of Blues.
  • SOLO PIANIST/TRIO MEMBER - As Solo Pianist, performed numerous GB gigs. i.e. weddings, parties, fundraisers, etc. around the Detroit, Boston, and San Diego areas. Played similar events with classical trio consisting of a violinist, cellist and piano.
  • PRODUCTION AND SONGWRITING - Composes, produces and engineers, formerly with Redux Productions, now independent, as well as with theVAULT Productions. Joe creates music for recording artists, TV, film, advertising, and private businesses.
  • BAND LEADER/COMPOSER - Co-founded, compose and perform keyboard/synth-bass/organ in Redux, an original instrumental progressive jazz band. Gig history includes NYC, Boston, Philly, San Diego and San Francisco. Debut record "Under The Microscope" reached #14 on CMJ's Jazz Charts.


  • Graduated, Bachelor of Music in Professional Music (BM), Berklee College of Music [2003]

Studied With:

  • Ed Bedner [2001]
  • Joanne Brackeen [2002]
  • Bruce Katz [2003]


  • Daniel Edge Scholarship Award for excellence and contribution in the piano department - Berklee College of Music [2002]


  • Redux - "Under The Microscope" [2006]


  • Daniel Edge Scholarship [2001]

Student Reviews for Joe

5.0 out of 5 (11 reviews)
(5.0 out of 5 stars)

Write an online review about Joe and share your thoughts with other students!

5 out of 5 He's going to be missed! - October 27, 2014

By Tammi B., Piano Lessons

Joe has been an amazing piano teacher for my two daughters over the past two years. When Lizzy started with him at age 7, she had one year of group lessons under her belt. She loved him immediately and really took off in her learning. He started teaching Alex, at age 6, from the very beginning. She had not had any piano instruction, and he has been a wonderful teacher and motivator. He is flexible in learning style and music types - teaching both how to read the music and learn the notes as well as hear the music and play by ear. He was willing to teach Lizzy how to play "let it go" when she asked him - he patiently taught it to her one line at a time. The girls have both loved having him as a teacher and we will miss him greatly. Good luck, Joe!

5 out of 5 Thank you Joe... - May 31, 2014

By Wendi and Justin, Piano Lessons

When I asked Justin what we should write to describe the years he has spent with Joe ... Amazing teacher I've learned so much from him, cool guy, I'm so sad he's leaving. For me, it speaks way beyond the lesson. He has played a real role in molding a very special young man. Thank you Joe! We wish you much joy and happiness. Please keep in touch.

Wendi and Justin.

5 out of 5 Joe has been both my sons tutors for over 5 years. He is amazing!!! - May 30, 2014

By Nina, Piano Lessons

Joe is so patient with my 7 year old and in 2 years he has him sounding as if he has played so much longer. Joe in addition tutors my oldest boy (14) since he was 8. What beautiful music they both make and it is all because of Joe. My boys already miss him. Good Luck Joe!!

5 out of 5 Best teacher ever -- lifechanger - May 30, 2014

By Chris C., Piano Lessons

I had wanted to play piano for such a long time, and kept putting it off and putting it off, thinking I was too old. I'm so glad I found Joe. For someone like me who never touched a piano (played violin for years when I was a kid), he really was the best teacher for me and eased me into it by teaching me songs I liked, and throwing things in as we went. Before I knew it, I was playing and it has been the best thing I've ever done. I also play by ear naturally, and instead of discouraging it, he worked with me on that and really helped me nurture and develop that ability, while teaching me sight reading (which, admittedly is not my strong suit!). For 5 years, our lessons have been my therapy that I always look forward to and will be sorely missed when he moves! Best of the best.

5 out of 5 Joe H. makes learning to play the piano fun!! - August 6, 2012

By Roberta, Piano Lessons

I am thrilled that Joe is my piano teacher. For years, I have been playing at the piano with no progress. In a few short months, My playing has improved greatly. But more than that, I am having fun--and I actually enjoy practicing my lessons each week. My only regret is that I didn't meet Joe years ago. He is truly a wonderful teacher!!

5 out of 5 The ideal piano instructor! - March 30, 2010

By Michelle, Piano Lessons

Joe is truly the ideal piano instructor! With each piece he teaches me, he is very patient, motivating and knowledgeable. I do not think that I would be the piano player that I am today without Joe as my instructor.

5 out of 5 Excellent teacher - December 20, 2009

By NICHOLAS - NEW YORK, NY, Piano Lessons

Joe is a great teacher. He obviously has a real passion for music and this translates into his lessons. His teaching style is very relaxed and encouraging. I started taking lessons again this year for the first time since high school, and I would definitely recommend him to any adults looking to take up the piano again.

5 out of 5 An excellent musician and teacher - December 16, 2009

By Toru, Piano Lessons

An excellent musician would not be necessarily a good teacher but Joe is. His lessons are always done in a very friendly atmosphere. So you can relax and talk about what your questions are. He would quickly responds to what you would like to learn to play. For example, I told him I wanted to learn to play like Herbie Hancock, then he would find some tunes that Herbie plays and show me how he approaches to the chords and playing solos. I have been very satisfied with his lessons and I would recommend him as your piano teacher.

5 out of 5 Enthusiastic and Encouraging - December 15, 2009

By MICHAEL - NEW YORK, NY, Piano Lessons

My son, Alec, has been taking lessons from Joe for 4 years. Alec started taking lessons at a relatively advanced age (14). I was concerned initially that my son would not have the patience to take lessons at that age, but Joe inspired my son and gave him the great gift of appreciation of music. We are indebted to Joe for that gift. Joe is conscientious, patient, and works well with young people. He encouraged Alec to develop his own taste and style rather than forcing him to play music that appeal for him. Joe has a great love of performing and that enthusiasm is apparent when he teaches. I am certain that Alec will continue to play the piano and will hear music differently for the rest of his life. My wife and I feel very fortunate to have found Joe and we recommend him with great enthusiasm and without reservation.

5 out of 5 Joe - a great Piano teacher - December 1, 2009

By CARLOS - NEW YORK, NY, Piano Lessons

Joe is a great Piano teacher. He is very talented, thoughtful, resourceful and has the patience of saint.

5 out of 5 Joe H. Piano Instructor - February 3, 2009

By Ron Meador, Piano Lessons

Joe brings a vast amount of educational and practical experience to his piano lessons, and knows how to present the information in an understandable and patient format. He has helped me bridge the gap between playing and theory in the Jazz and Funk genres. Additionally, he is also very well versed in music technology, computers, keyboards and the like, and that can be a very valuable, yet overlooked area to add to the content of today's piano lessons. I heartily recommend Joe as a fine and valuable teacher.

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