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Frankie P. , Guitar Teacher , Essex County

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Guitar Teacher

Influences: Warren Haynes, Zakk Wylde, Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Prince, Tony Iommi, Nuno Bettencourt, Ace Frehley, Dimebag, Albert Lee, Mark Morton, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Angus Young, Robert Johnson, Kirk Hammett, etc...

Frankie also teaches piano and saxophone

About Me:
Learning to play guitar is a challenge, but with lessons it becomes a rewarding lifelong enjoyment. I received my Master's in Music Education from Boston University and my Bachelor's from Berklee College of Music. I have been playing for around 30 years and teaching private lessons for 12 years. I teach several styles including Rock, Classical, Jazz, Country and Metal from the beginner to the most advanced. The lessons will help you learn to play guitar by using chord diagrams, theory, charts, examples and exercises, as well as anything you hear on the radio and want to learn.

Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • I have done a lot of session work for several different genres of music. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most professional people in the business. [2003]
  • I have also worked as Event Staff and Venue Security for such artists as Madonna, U2, Kelly Clarkson, The Who, and Aerosmith. [2003]
  • • Director and Music Instructor for Private and Group Lessons, Harmony, Theory, and Performance Ensembles. • Teach guitar, bass, clarinet, saxophone, and piano lessons to students of all ages and backgrounds. • Responsible for group and individual woodwind lessons focusing on overall technique and musicality, including facility, breath, phrasing, dynamics, and articulation. • Proficiency on recorder, flute, clarinet, soprano, alto, and tenor saxophone, piano, and guitar. • Teaching of rote songs to establish early tonality and rhythm. • Instill various rhythmic concepts, including fast, slow, and steady beats enhanced through specific instruments. • Test each student’s ability to listen and play instruments with other students, a metronome, and to pre-recorded music. • Impart specialized knowledge of theoretical music learning and instrumental performances through a variety of exercises, activities, and structured practice. [2007]


  • Degreee is in progress, Doctorate of Music Education (DMA), Boston University
  • Graduated, Master's of Music in Music Education (MM), Boston University [2011]
  • Graduated, Bachelor of Music in Music Production & Engineering (BM), Berklee College of Music [2006]
  • Graduated, Bachelor of Arts in Biology (BA), West Virginia University [1997]

Studied With:

  • Jon Finn [2004 - 2005]
  • David Newsam [2003 - 2006]
  • Joe Stump [2005 - 2006]
  • Robin Stone [2003 - 2004]


  • Berklee Achievment Scholarship - Berklee College of Music [2005]
  • Don Puluse Award for Outstanding Musicianship - Berklee College of Music [2006]


  • Leatherpig - "Letherpig" [1999]
  • Tobacco Mosaic - "From Mountains to Molehills" [2003]
  • Die 77 - "Low Down" [2001]
  • Tobacco Mosaic - "A Stitch in Time" [2006]
  • Tobacco Mosaic - "Dear Mom" [2005]
  • Tobacco Mosaic - "A Sprinkling for the May Queen" [2004]
  • Tobacco Mosaic - "Horseapple" [2007]
  • Tobacco Mosaic - "Step in Line" [2007]


  • The Berklee Achievement-based Scholarship [2004 - 2006]
  • Music Production Departmental Scholarship [2006]

Student Reviews for Frankie

5.0 out of 5 (1 review)
(5.0 out of 5 stars)

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5 out of 5 Frankie is a great teacher! - December 9, 2009

By DIANE - MELROSE, MA, Guitar Lessons

I took lessons with Frankie this year, and due to the economy had to stop, and I was bummed. I love his approach to starting you out right from the notes and getting you to understand the guitar in all aspects. He has a gentle soul, which helps when you are learning and keep making mistakes! I would highly recommend Frankie for anyone looking to learn or better their playing!

Frankie's Studio


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