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Voice Teacher

Influences: I've been influenced by the great singers, no matter the genre, who manage an effortless power in their voices, from Renee Flemming to Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald to Mariah Carey, Placido Domingo to Bono from U2

About Me:
I am one of the few voice professionals able to bridge the gap between classical “bel canto” vocal technique and the demands of the contemporary singer. My career experience as both a conservatory trained classical singer and a contemporary pop recording artist & songwriter gives me a unique perspective well suited to technically nurture and artistically inspire the singers I work with. I teach a multi-genre approach that blends a healthy vocal technique with each student's own individual singing talents and style. My method is one of helping students to identify the habits and tensions that are getting in the way of their most efficient, powerful and free sound. I give students the tools to undo those habits and tensions and then build up the support and resonating mechanisms to enable the sound to remain efficient, powerful and free. Singing should feel good when you do it right!

I also specialize in working with singers who are returning to singing after a vocal injury. I have developed a gentle method that builds a new, healthy, reliable technique while rebuilding the singer's confidence in their mechanism and support. I have found that addressing the unique confidence issues that often accompany singers returning from vocal injury is equally as important as rebuilding healthy technique if the singer is to succeed in not repeating the same damage. Under the care of an expert Otolaryngologist and/or Head & Neck Surgeon, the physical damage can most often be treated and healed. But singing again after a vocal injury can feel daunting. I successfully guides the healing singer into a healthy, confident and reliable technique so they do not damage their voice again.

In addition to my teaching, I work with recording artists, record labels and record producers as vocal producer in studio for recording sessions. With my dual expertise as vocal coach and recording artist, I am uniquely suited to take the singer beyond their limitations to discover the inspired performance within. I work with the singer on the material in advance of their recording sessions, then I attend all recording sessions as Vocal Producer, working hand in hand with the producers and engineers and, most importantly, the artist, coaching and nurturing them throughout the session towards their best performance. After the session, I work with the engineer to comp the vocal takes into their final form and work as the producer/arranger for all the background vocals and harmonies.

As a singer and recording artist myself, my experience on stage and on both sides of the microphone is extremely valuable to my clients.

Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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    - Individual, private vocal instruction for adults and children. All styles [2001]
    - In-studio prep and vocal production for recording artists.
    - Clients from American Idol, X Factor, Disney, Interscope and RadioKilla Records. [2009]
    - Songs appearing in shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, MTV, CW, ESPN, OWN, Discovery, Lifetime, Logo, ABC Family, Nuovo TV and Oxygen networks.
    - Two international album releases on Pega Records: The Elephant In The Room (2009) and Quarter Life Crisis (2006).
    - Two U.S. tours (23 cities in 2009, 12 cities in 2006).
    - Wrote & recorded custom songs for national commercial spots: Meow Mix, Michael Kors, Boston Children's Hospital, Reierson Steel.
    - The singing voice in Mattel's Barbie And The Frog Prince singing Barbie doll and Polly Pocket "Pollywheels".
    - Composed and sang the theme song to the TV show Deliver Me on the Discovery Channel. [2006]
  • OPERA SINGER - Coloratura Soprano
    - Principle and supporting roles in main-stage productions around the United States and Europe.
    - San Francisco Opera, Opera Theatre of St. Louis, West Bay Opera, Aspen Music Festival, Tanglewood, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Centra Opera Lyrica Italiani, OperaWorks. [2001]
  • VOICE FACULTY - New York Film Academy, Los Angeles Campus.
    - One-on-one voice instruction for the BFA and AFA acting programs.
    - Teach a Singing Elective performance class geared to students of all levels designed to discover and strengthen their singing voice through learning a variety of breath support and resonance techniques while exploring their entire expressive range through song. [2008]
  • VOICE INSTRUCTOR - X Repertory Theater
    - One-on-one voice instruction for the intensive actor training program.
    - Teach a performance class geared to students of all levels designed to discover and strengthen their singing voice through learning a variety of breath support and resonance techniques while exploring their entire expressive range through song. [2008 - 2010]
  • VOICE INSTRUCTOR - Hollywood Music Academy
    - Individual, private vocal instruction for children and adults - all styles.
    - Pre-School Music Class exposing children ages 2-4yrs. to the fundamentals of music through improvisation, singing, listening, movement, and musical games. [2006 - 2008]


  • Graduated, Masters of Music in Vocal Performance (MM), Manhattan School of Music [2001]
  • Graduated, Bachelors of Music in Vocal Performance (BMus), Oberlin Conservatory [1999]

Studied With:

  • Ron Anderson [2009 - 2010]
  • Sheri Greenawald [2001 - 2002]
  • Irene Gubrud [1997 - 2002]
  • Joan Patenaude-Yarnell [1999 - 2001]
  • Lorraine Manz [1995 - 1999]


  • Metropolitan Opera National Council Awards Western Regional Finalist - Metropolitan Opera, NY [2003]
  • Metropolitan Opera National Council wards Western Regional Finalist - Metropolitan Opera, NY [2004]
  • Vocalist Of The Year - Los Angeles Music Awards [2005]
  • Pop Song Of The Year - The Independent Music Awards [2006]
  • Hot Pick - Song Of The Week - [2006]
  • Indie Artist Of The Year - Musiqtone Magazine [2008]
  • Top 10 Artists Of The Year - [2008]
  • Best Album - Rockwired Magazine [2008]
  • Best Female Artist - Rockwired Magazine [2008]


  • Arden Kaywin - "Quarter Life Crisis" [2006]
  • Arden Kaywin - "The Elephant In The Room" [2008]

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  • Tips For Breathing & Support
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