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Utae K.

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Piano Teacher

Influences: Beethoven

Guitar Teacher

Influences: Soundgarden

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • My piano lessons consists of performances, eurhythmics, music theory, and solfage.

    Professionally, I perform in the band I4AI. I perform the organ at the St. Paul First United Methodist Church in Oxnard. [2013]


  • Graduated, Music Therapy (MM), Illinois State University [2007]

Studied With:

  • Daniel Shapiro [1999 - 2003]


  • Work of Excellence - Nihon Onngaku Renmei [1994]

Recent Performances:

  • Headliner at Troubadour [March, 2014]


  • I4AI - "Another day" [2013]
  • I4AI - "Play" [2013]


  • Full Tuition Waive/GA [2004 - 2006]

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  • Over the Rainbow
    1. Over the Rainbow
  • Sorry
    2. Sorry
  • Sorry take 2
    3. Sorry take 2
  • Dark Christmas
    4. Dark Christmas
  • Dark Christmas Take 2
    5. Dark Christmas Take 2
  • Joyful Alleluia
    6. Joyful Alleluia
  • dm Prelude
    7. dm Prelude
  • Pachelbel Organ Piece
    8. Pachelbel Organ Piece

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