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Flavio G.

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Guitar Teacher

Influences: Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Metal, Electronic, world music, folk

Bass Teacher

Influences: Rock, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Metal, Electronic, world music

Drums Teacher

Influences: Rock, Pop, Classical

About Me:

As an electronic music producer and multi instrumentalist for Lucent Dossier Experience, his music is a sonic tapestry from experimental,
electronic bass music to ancient tribal drums, invocations and eastern melodies, creating at times a wild soundtrack and at other moments a
beautiful dream soundscape.

While studying composition in college he became involved in electronic and world music, experimenting with new rhythms, instruments, and textures at the same time as he developed his passion for production and the infinite possibilities of creation through technology. Conducting
original electronic compositions on stage with Lucent Dossier, he performed at several major music festivals in the US such as Coachella 2012, Lightning In a Bottle 2011/12, Desert Rocks 2012 and produced and co-wrote music for Lucent Dossier performances at The Palace Theater during the 2011 season in Los Angeles.

Atla believes that music is a powerful tool for evolution and mind expansion. Integrating live instruments such as guitars, keyboards, mandolin and
electronic orchestration to Lucent Dossier performances. His music connects us with our deep creative instincts taking us on a journey through new musical realms.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Very a strong academic background including attending classes with Musicians Institute instructor and GIT writer Sid Jacobs, Department of Music at the University of Campinas and University of Indiana classical guitar teacher Marcos Cavalcante. Professional experience working with Hollywood Records producer Isaac Hasson and currently being the composer for world famous group Lucent dossier Experience and the bandleader for TV star Cassie Steele (rock/pop). My goal is to instill a sense of music appreciation, while at the same time teaching students about the technical and practical aspects of music. [2007]


  • Graduated, MUSIC (BA), UNICAMP [2002]

Studied With:


Recent Performances:

  • COACHELLA MUSIC FEST [April, 2014]
  • CLUB NOKIA LOS ANGELES [August, 2014]



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