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Instruments: Piano

About Me:
So often we hear about the indirect benefits of the study of music. I always like, however, to start with the direct benefits of playing music: it is fun, it lets us get in touch with our inner selves, and it helps us to understand our emotions. Each piano lesson is approached with these ideas as the focus. Even the earliest beginner enjoys playing if the experience is always a musical one.

At each lesson, we work on developing the skills needed to have physical ease at the instrument. Understanding of note reading and translating the notes into comfortable playing and hearing of the music is key. We work on methods of practicing, learn how the music is put together, all with the idea of developing ultimate independence at the piano. This is always approached from whatever level the student needs, and incorporates the specific interests of the student.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Individual piano lessons from ages three to adult, beginning through late intermediate levels. [1981 - Present]
  • Direct children's choral group and music for tots group in the community. [1998 - Present]
  • Director of church adult choir. [1988 - Present]
  • Teacher of general music course, theory, handbells, guitar class, piano class, on the secondary level. [1990 - Present]
  • Piano accompanist for soloists, choirs, musicals in school and the community. [1979 - Present]


  • Graduated, Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy (MM), West Chester University [1987]
  • Graduated, Bachelor of Arts in Music (BA), Chestnut Hill College [1984]

Studied With:

  • Dr. William Carr [1980 - 1984]
  • Mr. Benjamin Whitten [1984 - 1987]


  • Presidential Scholarship at Chestnut Hill College [1980 - 1984]
  • Graduate Assistantship at West Chester University [1985 - 1987]

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