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Instruments: Voice,Piano

About Me:
I am a vocal and piano instructor. I have been teaching for the past 10 years. I have been trained in classical, jazz, pop, musical theater, rock and many more styles. I enjoy teaching and sharing my love of music with others. I am also a professional performer and sing for various venues and concerts. I teach all ages and hope to make your love for music grow and give you the tools for a successful audition or whatever need may be.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • I am a professional performer and vocalist all across the globe for Disney in Concert with various symphonies. [2010 - Present]
  • Worked for Holland America Cruise Line as the lead vocalist. [2006 - 2009]
  • I was Mrs Claus and a lead vocalist in the Radio City Rockette Christmas Spectacular National Arena Tour. [2010 - 2011]
  • I have worked in numerous regional theater productions in Los Angeles for numerous shows. [2006 - Present]
  • I am a professional National Anthem singer for professional sports teams such as the Dodgers, Angels, and the Clippers. [2001 - 2010]
  • I have been teaching for the past ten years for numerous public studios and private studios. [2000 - Present]


  • Graduated, Arts (AA), Citrus College [2011]

Studied With:

  • Dr Kimberlyn Jones [2003 - 2011]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • Meisner Acting School, Meisner [2009]


  • Best Vocalist - Master's College [2011]


  • Stephanie Burkett Gerson - "Once Upon A Time" [2011]


  • Best Vocalist [2006 - 2011]

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