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Voice Teacher

Influences: Anna Moffo, Lucia Popp, Natalie Dessay, Kathleen Battle, Barbara Bonney, Renee Fleming, Sumi Jo, Audra McDonald, Nancy Wilson, Diane Schuur, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Eva Cassidy, Jane Monheit, Debby Lennon, Joni Mitchell.

About Me:
My method of teaching is about honest communication through song no matter what the style or gig, age or experience. I was trained with a classical foundation, and it allows me to sing opera, art song, jazz, atonal 20th Century music, jingles, rock, sacred music, pop, musical theater and cabaret; so I like to implement that aspect of training alongside the popular arena of song. I usually have students choose something they want to sing and I'll pick out something suited for their voice and that will incorporate the technical training we begin with at the beginning of the lesson. That way we both have a balance of breaking boundaries and getting out of personal limitations while I get a sense of the students interest and how to improve what they bring to the table in their musical and dramatic range of expression. This method along with physical exercises expands vocal range rapidly for most singers.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • B Sharp Music School
  • Private Studio
  • Permanent Soloist First Church of Christ St. Louis MO
  • Permanent Soloist First Church of Christ, Scientist, Concord MA
  • Substitute Soloist First Church of Christ, Scientist, Cambridge MA
  • Boss Academy of the Performing Arts


  • Graduated, Master of Music in Vocal Performance (MM), Boston University [2011]

Studied With:

  • Penelope Bitzas [2009]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • Christine Brewer Masterclass, Webster University [2008]
  • Martin Katz Masterclass, Principia College [2007]


  • NATS Membership Teacher Certification, National Association Teachers of Singing [2010]


  • First Place Award - NATS St. Louis, MO Division [2007]
  • Lily Kaufman Award for Excellence in Music - Ladies Friday Musical Club WASHU chapter [2007]
  • First Place award ISYAO - Illinois Southern Young Artist Competition [2009]
  • Buder Scholarship - Webster University [2008]


  • Buder Scholarship [2006 - 2008]

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  • Aria with Webster Symphony Orchestra
    1. Aria with Webster Symphony Orchestra

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