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Guitar Teacher

Influences: Mainly blues, rock and metal, but I love all music

Bass Teacher

Influences: same as above

About Me:
I've been playing, studying and performing with the guitar for close to 20 years. Professionally teaching for over 10- to students of all ages. I love music and I love teaching. I'm very confident that I will get you playing guitar- the way you want to- in the quickest amount of time possible, assuming you practice every week.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Taught in music stores/schools. These include About Music, The Music Source, Guitar Heaven,, Guitar Fundamentals, AMA Music and Dance Studio and Veritas School of Music and Art [2001 - Present]
  • Played, wrote music, and performed in bands throughout the Chicagoland area such as: Mantra, Gift of Tongues, Swing State, and Girl at such venues as The Tonic Room and The Double Door (where we won second place in a nation wide Battle of the Bands). [2001 - Present]
  • Opened and still run a music venue/recording studio called Swing State. [2006 - Present]


  • 2nd Place National Competition - Emergenza [2006]


  • Swing State - "Indigo" [2006]

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