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Piano Teacher

Influences: Debussy, Chopin, Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Art Tatum, Hank Jones

Guitar Teacher

Influences: Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Jimmy Page

Charles also teaches voice

About Me:
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Charles Cameron - Lessons, Music and Artwork.

Charles Cameron's - Great Lakes Trio - Monday Open Jam

I have been living in Lincoln Square, Chicago for almost a full year, and I've built my business substantially. I provide house calls, and teach from my studio. I gig around town with my Trio, the 'Great Lakes Trio' and every monday I host an 'All Improv Open Jam' at 'The Tonic Room'(2447 N. Halsted). It runs from 10-2 and we have musicians from all over come, relax, network, and play music with old and new friends.

I host Recitals every 3-4 months for my students and other musicians. This is crucial for students, and a good opportunity to become accustomed to playing in front of people.

Chicago is treating me well, I enjoy the city, and I am busy. Encore Music is an excellent service the connects me to new students - if you or your child are aspiring to learn music I also guarantee excellence.

My Method: My main focus is Jazz and Classical Piano but I also teach guitar, soft-ware, and composition. I have been teaching privately for seven years. My students always perform with perfect competency (even those who don't practice as much). This is because I stress structure & intuitive understanding. Students are taught to form a personal relationship with music -once they understand music is a passion and expression of their creativity, discipline easily follows. I quickly identify the strengths of the student and branch off all musical concepts from there. These concepts initially are: even tempo, even transitions, clear melody and understanding of harmony. Recitals and workshops are a must.

I use the Royal Conservatory of Music(Can.) program as the basis of my classical repertoire. In the US this is the National Certificate Program. I teach everything from Bach minuets to Chopin nocturnes, Thelonious Monk to the Legend of Zelda soundtrack by Koji Kondo. I teach with music, with lead sheets, without music, by ear, etc: Jazz & Blues, Suzuki method, composition, arranging, theory & history.

All students are to bring a lesson log to every lesson for me to fill out. I write down their lesson time and duration, as well as meticulous notes and easy to understand instructions. I typically supply manuscript paper. The lesson log goes as follows:

1. Exercises and Weekly lesson.
2. Song list & Instructions.
3. If needed, chord charts and analysis.
4. For the younger students, apply stickers generously!

Thank you again & I hope to hear from you! Sincerely,


Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • 7 years teaching piano and guitar, all ages, all skill levels, all styles. Over 20 happy successful students & grateful clients.
  • 6 years in various bands, most recently the 'Great Lakes Quartet', house band at 'Raspberries Rhythm Cafe & Bar'. Played clubs, parties, fundraisers, Community events, etc.
  • 7 years experience as solo pianist, playing Jazz and Classical for discerning clients - Restaurants, Clubs, Hotels, parties, fundraisers, community events etc

Studied With:

  • Jim Alfredson [2005]
  • Chuck Iwanusa [2006 - 2007]
  • Ethan Phoenix [2009 - 2010]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • RCM Pedagogy , RCM [2009]


  • Charles Egerton Cameron - "432 Series" [2010]

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