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Maria I.

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Drums Teacher

Influences: Neil Peart, Dennis Chamber, Stewart Copland, Carter Burford

About Me:
I graduated from the University of Lowell back in 1997 as a music business/performance major in percussion. I have been in many bands in and around the Boston area. I have toured with these bands in Boston, NH, and New York City. I currently teach percussion out of students homes. I have worked at numerous studios teaching lessons as well as going to students homes over the last 10 years. I have studied with many teachers in the Boston area over the last 20 years. Starting with my teachers in College and three from Berklee College of music. My teaching abilities rang from rock, funk, and blues to jazz and latin. I teach students how to read music as well as play and learn techniques.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • I have taught lessons for 14 years. My students have been many different ages ranging from age 7 to adult. My students are most beginners when they start. I teach students techniques and how to play, as well as, reading. [1996 - Present]


  • Graduated, Bachelor of Music Performance with an Emphasis in Business (BM), University of Mass Lowell [1997]

Studied With:

  • Steve Turner [1989 - 1997]
  • Jeff Fisher [1992 - 1997]
  • Gil Graham [1998 - 2000]
  • Jon Hazilla [2000 - 2002]


  • Steadfast - "Steadfast" [2001]

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