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Instruments: Voice

About Me:
Making music is one of the most thrilling and potentially fulfilling aspects of our lives, and for me, there's no greater pleasure than helping a student find his or her musical voice. I believe that anyone - with the right guidance and patience - can learn to sing!

My teaching philosophy revolves around you, the student. I do not teach a specific method - the goal of my studio is to find the right approach for every student. My teaching style draws from both the arts and sciences, combining musicality and artistry with practical techniques drawn from all areas of voice science.

I teach a variety of performance styles - classical, musical theatre, pop - however, my primary focus is on creating and maintaining a healthy technique that gives the singer the freedom to truly enjoy their voice, regardless of their choice of genre.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Private Studio [2006]
  • Voice Instructor (Harrison School of Music) [2012]
  • Associate Voice Instructor (Sabella Mills Voice Studios) [2012]
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Applied Voice and Classroom


  • Graduated, Bachelor of Science in Music, Vocal Performance (BS), Tennessee State University [2002]
  • Graduated, Masters of Arts in Music & Music Education (Voice) (MA), Teachers College, Columbia University [2011]

Studied With:

  • Bruce Norris [2002 - 2011]
  • Dr. Jeanne Goffi-Fynn [2008 - 2011]


  • Meistersinger Grant (1998-2002) - Tennessee State University [2002]


  • Meistersinger Grant [1998 - 2002]

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