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Piano Teacher

Influences: There are so many great pianists I have learned from and enjoyed listening to over the years, I couldn't possibly list them... of course, my teachers, Enrique Graf and Sergey Schepkin have influenced my playing greatly. Some of my favorite pianists include Glenn Gould, Vladimir Horowitz, Sviatoslav Richter, and the list goes on...

About Me:
I am a both a performing pianist and a piano teacher. I am passionate about the classical music repertoire, and I thoroughly enjoy teaching this music as well. I have worked very hard to develop technique over the years-- it was not easy for me, and it's still something on which I improve every day. I have the ability to teach and explain technique well because I had to really analyze how I move, and experiment with different approaches. I also have a priority of making music enjoyable and fun for the students... I don't want lessons to be a dreary, disciplinarian regime! So, while I am greatly influenced by the old-school pianists and so forth, I am realistic about the culture in which we live today, and don't expect all of my students to be practicing for hours every day (although that's great if you want to!). Above all, I want to introduce music to people... the arts are so important, and they are disappearing from our lives these days, so my goal is to keep classical music alive, and hopefully inspire people to reach high levels of piano playing.
I am a very patient teacher, and I am not mean; in fact, I think I have a pretty good sense of humor when I teach, which helps keep the student animated. I always try to be constructive in my teaching, and to emphasize the positive qualities, before pointing out what needs improvement.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Piano Teacher at Believe in Music Studio, in Fair Lawn, NJ [2010 - Present]
  • Piano Teacher at Carnegie Mellon University, Prep School, Pittsburgh, PA. Also taught college-age non-majors within the University. [2006 - 2009]
  • Private teacher throughout Bergen County, NJ, and in Manhattan, NY [2009 - Present]
  • Soloist in Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1, at Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh PA, with the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic [2010]
  • Accompanist and soloist at Weill Hall, Carnegie Hall, NY [2010]


  • Graduated, Master of Music in Piano Performance (MM), Carnegie Mellon University [2009]

Studied With:

  • Sergey Schepkin, and Enrique Graf [2007 - 2009]


  • Full Scholarship for my Master's Degree [2011]

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  • Eric Clark Plays Petrouchka- excerpt from third movement
    1. Eric Clark Plays Petrouchka- excerpt from third movement

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