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Guitar Teacher

Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Santana, Led Zeppelin, Pat Metheny, Paco De Lucia, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan

Saxophone Teacher

Influences: Maceo Parker, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Clarence Clemons, Wayne Shorter, Ornette Coleman, John Zorn

Piano Teacher

Influences: Herbie Hancock, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Bill Evans, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Smith

About Me:
I've been playing guitar since 1989 when I first picked up my sister's nylong string classical. I began teaching myself, then studied with local Long Island musicians before starting up my own heavy metal rock band. We performed at our high school, then local clubs before all heading off to college. I was accepted at Berklee in Boston, but chose to attend the University of Miami where I obtained a degree in Studio Music / Jazz Performance in 1995. After performing in jazz groups and original music groups in clubs and on the radio in Miami, I returned to NYC and premiered experimental film/music events called the Film Arts Revolution at Wetlands. (see Wetlands Preserved documentary) I then performed with a multitude of creative bands including Pharaoh's Daughter, Kema Jamal, Tribe of Djembe, Terri Thornton, and many others! I have performed across the USA and in foreign lands such as Greece, England, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, and Holland. I have won awards for my teaching in High School programs, summer camps, and film scoring projects (NYU). I love teaching, and my many years of experience as a performing professional and private lesson educator allow me to get my students the REAL INFO on a fast track. I have developed my own music teaching method that I am proud of, and has enabled many students to perform in clubs, attend college, and utilize to even teach others. I am primarily a guitarist, but I enjoy playing bass and have been hired to perform bass on gigs many times. Through my experience at after school programs, and being a director of schools such as DayJams and School of Rock I have been able to hone my skills as an ensemble director and utilize my multi-instrumental knowledge of all the basic rock instruments. I studied some classical and jazz keyboard in college and have a great knowledge of music theory that I utilize constantly on a day to day basis. I play drums, hand drums, I sing, and can play keys, guitar, and bass. I have studied some Flamenco technique, and have a basic working knowledge of classical guitar. My career has been a long and varied one, genre hopping from electronica music to straight ahead jazz to heavy rock, blues, funk, reggae, acoustic, and more!

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • MUSICNOIR PRIVATE LESSONS - my clients have been 4 year old kids to adults over 50. I began teaching when I was 18 and still in high school. I am comfortable with one on one lessons, group lessons, and ensemble coaching/producing. I have worked for agencies such as Encore, who helped me find clients and continue working with some of those agencies today. [1991 - 2012]
  • Guitarist/Multi-instrumentalist - I have performed as a band leader and side man in countless bands. Please see my website for more information. [1989 - 2012]
  • School Of Rock - I started as a substitute teacher for Roslyn campus, then was hired to work Melville (now Farmingdale) and eventually offered a 3 day a week job at Port Jefferson campus where I was a show director for their first official concert Pink Floyd's the Wall. I arranged 26 songs and added a string quartet featuring trombone to 5 of the songs. I also directed a summer camp that broke a SOR record by helping students rehearse and perform 20 songs in one week including "Tom Sawyer" and other difficult pieces. [2010 - 2011]
  • Harriet Eisman Community School - I worked a full time job as a "media specialist" but was really an arts educator for this alternative high school located in Long Beach. I created an electronic music class that focused on original music soundtrack compositions utilizing Reason, Pro-Tools, and original lyrics. I created an experimental ensemble called the Jamkestra that was featured at school events and made it to the front page of the local paper. I created a Friday guitar class that was also covered in the LI Herald and did not exist prior to my employment. [2007 - 2010]
  • Queens Gateway After School Program - I worked as a computer instructor and guitar/music instructor at this competitive high school. Students enjoyed learning bass, guitar, keyboards, drums, and electronic music from me and I presented them at various venues including NASDAQ (for Teacher's Fund), for the NYCBOE events, Mayor Bloomberg's office, and other exciting opportunities. When the movie "School of Rock" was released my director took the staff to see it, and I was blown away at the similarities between the teacher in the movie and myself. I thought someone had followed me around and stole my idea! I taught the kids to play rock, reggae, funk, hip-hop, pop, flamenco, blues, and even invited some students to perform at the Knitting Factory and Joe's Pub with me in 2006. A few of my students have continued with a music career studying at the New School or performing in clubs to this day. [2003 - 2007]
  • Director of DayJams - I was hired to be the director of this original music rock camp for kids one summer. I did a bang up job of presenting original music by the kids. It was a 2 week session and we had a final concert at the end of each week. I am still in touch with some of these students and many have gone on to perform music at public venues. [2008 - 2008]
  • WGBB 1240am Radio Personality [2011 - 2012]
  • Arts In the Plaza Entertainment Director [2012 - 2014]


  • Graduated, Bachelor of Studio Music / Jazz Guitar (BA), University Of Miami [1995]

Studied With:

  • Randall Dollahon [1992 - 1995]
  • Marija Temo [2006]
  • Michael Dilido [1991 - 1992]
  • Lindsay Blair [1991 - 1992]
  • Kynch O' Kayne [1992 - 1993]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • Classical Guitar Summit, Mannes School Of Music [2005]
  • Flamenco Summit, NGSW [2005]
  • Pro-Tools 101, 201, 210, Future Media Concepts [2005]


  • Best Artist (visual arts) - Sagamore Middle School [1988]
  • Vincent Anson Scholarship - Anson Family [1991]
  • Most Musical - Sachem High School Yearbook [1991]
  • Best Original Soundtrack for - NYU Tisch [1998]
  • Best Soundtrack for Seder! - Arlene's Groceries [2004]
  • Teacher's Fund - Teacher's Fund [2005]
  • Deeds of Respect - Queens Gateway Parent Teacher Association [2006]
  • Best Band Leader/Friend - my peers at the Musicnoir Awards Ceremony [2007]
  • Proclamation - City Council of Long Beach [2013]
  • Long Island Music Festival Finalist - Good Times Magazine [2013]
  • Best Teacher - Studio Noir Students [2013]

Recent Performances:

  • Liverpool Anglican Cathedral [September, 2012]
  • Arts In the Plaza [October, 2012]
  • Barrier Beach Blues Festival [July, 2012]
  • Be Strong Beach Sandy Benefit @ Guys and Dolls [November, 2012]
  • NYSEA Surf Competition [July, 2012]
  • SAND JAM 2012 [August, 2012]
  • South Orange International Blues Festival [September, 2011]
  • Barrier Beach Blues Festival [June, 2013]
  • Good Times Magazine Long Island Music Festival [August, 2013]
  • Arts In the Plaza [May, 2013]
  • Waterfront Warriors BBQ [July, 2013]
  • Waterfront Warriors BBQ [July, 2012]
  • Long Live Long Beach Fundraiser @ Mulcahy's [February, 2013]
  • Long Live Long Beach Fundraiser @ Mulcahy's [June, 2013]
  • A Night of Noir Holiday Recital @ the LB Hotel [December, 2013]
  • Anna Pipoyan @ Le Poisson Rouge [August, 2013]
  • Houser's Fire Island [July, 2013]
  • Napper Tandy's Smithtown [June, 2013]
  • Long Beach Roxx Festival [October, 2013]
  • Arts Below Sunrise Festival [September, 2013]
  • Waterfront Warriors BBQ [July, 2014]
  • Houser's Fire Island [July, 2014]
  • Long Beach Film Festival [July, 2014]
  • Corazon De Cuba w Guardavidas [July, 2014]
  • Green Fest 2014 [May, 2014]
  • Barrier Beach Blues Festival [June, 2014]
  • Long Beach Ukulele Orchestra @ Arts In the Plaza [May, 2014]


  • Pharaoh's Daughter - "Daddy's Pockets" [1998]
  • Benoir - "Sauce On the Side" [2001]
  • Pharaoh's Daughter - "Out of the Reeds" [2002]
  • Benoir & Heath Mensher - "Clinton's View Soundtrack" [2003]
  • Kema Jamal - "Live in Casper Wyoming DVD" [2004]
  • Noirkestra - "Psi-Fi-Hi" [2004]
  • Dub Affair - "Caribe" [2006]
  • Tzadik compilation - "Tribute To Sascha Argov" [2004]
  • Benoir - "Soulful Of Blues" [2009]
  • Tribe Of Djembe - "Sufferah's Anthem" [2009]
  • Rhys Chatham - "A Crimson Grail" [2010]
  • Suffering Blues Band - "Suffering " [2010]
  • Jah Hammed - "The Many Phases of Jah Hammed" [2009]
  • Jah Hammed - "Real Love" [2012]
  • Jah Hammed - "Jah Is Everything" [2012]
  • Benoir and the Long Beach All-Stars - "11561" [2013]
  • Atom Rush - "Atom Rush" [2013]
  • J Brittany - "Bad Boy Blues" [2013]
  • Natalie Dangerfield - "U Down?" [2014]
  • Mark Klein - "Words" [2014]
  • Lisa Itts - "Meditation" [2013]

Student Reviews for Benjamin

5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
(5.0 out of 5 stars)

Write an online review about Benjamin and share your thoughts with other students!

5 out of 5 Benoir - Master of the Music Matrix - July 24, 2012

By Myra, Piano Lessons

I am so lucky to have met Benior and be his student. His brilliance shines through the thickest fog, the darkest night, the heaviest storm. He shines from his chi, his essence, his soul. He radiates this brilliance through his genius in music and art, his philosophy on life, the way he lives and treats others. All of this contributes to his being the absolute best music teacher on the planet.

The evidence is in his students. Among some of the things he is teaching me, I am learning music theory, piano and voice, different musical styles, aspects of the music industry and how to record, store and share digital music (I write my own songs). He has given me so much encouragement that I've been able to push through my self-doubt and fears and find the courage to sing out loud (whether for good or naught LOL) and to share my musical voice with others.

He adapts to all levels of students; he addresses and costomizes his lessons to respond to each student's goals, and the best part is he makes you laugh and have so much fun while you learn.

He is a spectcular teacher, but is also an incredible musician and brings other musicians together. He is truly the center of the music matrix.

He makes this world a better place!

Myra R. Cohen

5 out of 5 Talented Teacher - March 23, 2012

By Debbie - Massapequa, NY, Guitar Lessons

Growing up in a musical family have been exposed to many talented musicians. But even with talent, having the ability and patience to TEACH is a gift. Ben Metzger is not only talented and professional, but was able to capture the attention and admiration of my 10-year old son with ADHD. Ben demonstrated patience, kindness and catered to my son's wish to learn Led Zeppelin RIGHT AWAY! Private music lessons are expensive no matter where you search, but having Ben Metzger as a guitar instructor for my son is money well spent. Highly recommended!

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