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A. Simon K.

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Instruments: Cello

About Me:
My teaching goal is to establish a positive supportive environment in which the student takes pride in their musical progress. No musical task is so difficult it cannot be broken down into incremental steps the student can confidently master. Eventually what seemed so daunting is within range of mastery. Musical study also inculcates valuable life lessons beyond music.

The ability to read music will develop naturally as the student progresses through proven method books. I also incorporate favorite Suzuki songs into the lessons.

In time, students will be able to play in orchestras and chamber music groups, making many friends along the way.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • The Newark School of the Arts
  • From The Top Music Studio
  • The Calderone School of Music
  • Queens Music School


  • Graduated, Bachelor of Science in Music Performance (BS), Brooklyn College [1977]

Studied With:

  • Marion Feldman [1973 - 1977]
  • Lynn Harrell [1978]
  • Andre Emelianoff [1979 - 1987]
  • Peter Prosser [2011 - 2012]


  • Chautauqua Institute [1978]
  • Waterloo Music Festival [1979 - 1981]

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