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Violin Teacher

Influences: Classical (e.g. Suzuki, classical composers such as Bach, Mozart, Handel, etc.) Modern influences include many variation of rock music.

About Me:
The best violin teacher in Manhattan. I pride myself on my long years of experience, friendly attitude and never-ending patience, but mostly my ability to get along with others while still be an exacting, effective teacher. I work based on results, and the happiness and comfort of my students.

By the first lesson, you will be playing the violin. By the end of the second lesson, you will usually be playing a song. By the end of the second month, you will be comfortable reading and playing easy music. After about a year, you will be playing intermediate-level songs. I will, however, need your dedication in practicing to take you as far as we can go in the time you give me.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • The Arcane Insignia. This was a long-standing Acoustic Rock project and where I gained most of my experience writing music. You can search "The Arcane Insignia" and will find my work anytime before August 2013. [2011 - 2013]
  • Violin Teacher. I have been teaching violin for 5 years and I love every day of it. I couldn't be more pleased to share the gift of music. [2009]
  • Classroom Teacher. I taught classrooms of 20+ students. [2003 - 2010]
  • Violinist. I have been playing the violin for 25 years. At two concerts per year for 10 years, that's plenty of stage experience, not to mention Chamber and Pit Orchestra. [1989]
  • Studio Violinist. I have recorded on several albums, from folk to Christian to electronica to Indie. [1999]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • Boys & Girls Club of NJ Talent Expo 2012, Boys & Girls Club of NJ [2012]
  • Boys & Girls Club of NJ Talent Expo 2011, Boys & Girls Club of NJ [2011]


  • Professional Course Supervisor, Hubbard College of Improvement [2006]
  • Professional Word Clearer (increases understanding of words), Hubbard College of Improvement [2004]
  • Director of Training Course, Hubbard College of Improvement [2006]


  • Professional Course Supervisor Graduate - Flag Service Organization [2004]
  • Communications Course Graduate - Flag Service Organization [2003]

Recent Performances:

  • Lit Lounge [November, 2012]
  • The Grand Victory [November, 2012]
  • Smash Studios [October, 2012]
  • Shanghai Rock Hotel [September, 2012]
  • Sullivan Hall [November, 2012]
  • Greenpoint Gallery [June, 2013]
  • Fontana's [June, 2012]
  • Malingo's with Normal Academic [June, 2014]
  • Wedding in Central Parl [September, 2014]
  • Holiday Concert [December, 2015]
  • Wedding proposal [August, 2015]


  • The Arcane Insignia - "The Arcane Insignia" [2011]
  • Paul Biondi - "Hurricane Jar" [1998]
  • Tim Segretto - "Boston Sessions" [2001]

Student Reviews for Antoinette

5.0 out of 5 (1 review)
(5.0 out of 5 stars)

Write an online review about Antoinette and share your thoughts with other students!

5 out of 5 She has patience, perseverance, is flexible and has a good sense of humor. - April 7, 2013

By Salome - NYC, NY, Violin Lessons

Both of my daughters (age 5 and 6) have had lessons with Antoinette since September. Our experience has been very positive! She is kind with the girls and motivates them as well. They previously had other teachers in Europe and my younger daughter was losing interest. My daughters have quite different personalities and I think Antoinette approaches them both very adequately. She has patience, perseverance, is flexible and has a good sense of humor. I highly recommend her!



  • Pachelbel's Canon, quartet
    1. Pachelbel's Canon, quartet
  • Live rock performance
    2. Live rock performance
  • Cardinal & Subliminal
    3. Cardinal & Subliminal
  • Jambalaya
    4. Jambalaya
  • Kingdom of Wolves (original)
    5. Kingdom of Wolves (original)

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