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5.0 out of 5 (2 student reviews)

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Instruments: Guitar,Piano

About Me:
A lifelong musician and songwriter, Ian has extensive experience teaching guitar and piano to students age 3 and up both as a private music instructor and as a teacher at the Institute of Music for Children. With 25 years experience in guitar and piano, Ian has studied and performed with several award-winning music artists, and has written and recorded over one hundred songs. He plays and teaches a variety of styles on both the guitar and the piano, from classical to jazz to rock. Ian is patient, friendly, and loves sharing the gift of music.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Institute of Music for Children (Elizabeth, NJ) [2011 - 2014]
  • Private Music Intructor [2005 - 2014]
  • Wrote, produced and recorded 12 solo albums [2000 - 2013]
  • Marcos Perez - "The Summer Plan" CD (Producer) [2000]
  • Princeton University Jazz Ensemble (Guitarist) [1993 - 1994]


  • Graduated, Chinese (BA), Rutgers University [1998]

Studied With:

  • Vinnie Corrao [1992 - 1994]
  • Anthony Brancker [1993 - 1994]
  • Simon Powis [2011]

Student Reviews for Ian

5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
(5.0 out of 5 stars)

Write an online review about Ian and share your thoughts with other students!

5 out of 5 10 stars!! - August 6, 2014

By Alice Kneeland, Guitar Lessons

I have been taking beginner classical guitar lessons with Ian for about 5 months and couldn't be happier. Ian is talented, patient, and kind. He has provided a great mix of scales/chords/exercises and real music, which has helped me stay engaged even while learning the basics. He has also bent over backward to accommodate my schedule and just generally cares a lot about his students.

5 out of 5 I never thought I could play the guitar.... - April 23, 2013

By Andy D, Guitar Lessons

...but then I was connected with Ian through Encore music. He started out reassuring me that I could and would play and with hard work, would be very proficient.

Ian is a very encouraging teacher who seems to have limitless patience and understanding. He teaches me what I want to play and has never suggested that I couldn't play a piece because it's 'Too Hard', only that I'll need to practice if I want to improve.

I've been studying now for close to 6 months and I can already safely say 'I can play the guitar'. I have 3 songs (including a fingerstyle instrumental) under my belt and continue to learn more all the time and my mom in the UK heard me play for the first time last weekend and was shocked at how far I've come.

I'd like to say it's all down to me and practice but without Ian's encouragement and belief, I wouldn't be as far along as I am right now.

If you are serious about learning the guitar (or the piano), I can highly recommend Ian as an excellent teacher, you just can't have him Monday at 7 - that's my time :)


  • Lagrima - Guitar (Classical)
    1. Lagrima - Guitar (Classical)
  • All The Things You Are - Guitar (Jazz)
    2. All The Things You Are - Guitar (Jazz)
  • Someone Like You - Guitar
    3. Someone Like You - Guitar
  • Man in The Mirror - Guitar
    4. Man in The Mirror - Guitar
  • Jazz Guitar Medley
    5. Jazz Guitar Medley

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