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5.0 out of 5 (5 student reviews)

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Instruments: Piano

About Me:
I have recently moved to Manhattan to pursue music studies at Mannes. I have been teaching for the last two years in Austin, Texas, where I was completing a Master's degree at UT. I love teaching and want to share my passion for music with others! The focus of my teaching is to build a solid foundation in technique, reading, and understanding harmony and phrasing, with the goal of developing independent musicians.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Piano Teacher - Paula Wong Piano Academy, Austin, TX [2010 - 2012]
  • Piano Teacher - Piano Project and College Student Teacher - University of Texas at Austin [2010 - 2012]


  • Graduated, Master of Music in Piano Performance (MM), University of Texas at Austin [2012]
  • Graduated, Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance (BM), University of South Carolina [2010]

Studied With:

  • Yuri Kim [2009 - 2012]
  • David Renner [2010 - 2012]


  • Collegiate Member, MTNA [2011]

Recent Performances:

  • Beethoven Institute [June, 2012]
  • Master's Recital [February, 2012]

Student Reviews for Jarred

5.0 out of 5 (5 reviews)
(5.0 out of 5 stars)

Write an online review about Jarred and share your thoughts with other students!

5 out of 5 Great teacher for students of all levels - April 17, 2014

By Jessie, Piano Lessons

I had piano lessons as a child before going to college. I restarted with Jarred while in graduate school. I was impressed by Jarred's power to explain music ideas. No matter it is a simple sight reading exercise or a big Beethoven sonata, Jarred always shared his understanding of the piece instead of merely teaching finger techniques. No matter you are a beginner or advanced player, you will definitely benefit from his approach to teach MUSIC. In addition to his pedagogical talent, Jarred himself is a superb and refined pianist. Listening to his demonstration of the pieces has been pure enjoyment.

5 out of 5 Fabulous piano teacher! - September 5, 2012

By Peyton's Mom, Piano Lessons

Jarred taught my kindergarden daughter during his last year in Austin and we were extremely pleased with his professionalism, calm and supportive demeanor, and great teaching ability. My daughter loved going to her piano lessons each week and was diligent about practicing as she wanted to please Jarred. He encouraged her to love piano and want to learn. We highly recommend him!

5 out of 5 Fantastic Piano Teacher - August 26, 2012

By Melanie's Mom from Austin Texas, Piano Lessons

Jared taught my Kindergartner who obviously did not yet read beyond basic letter recognition how to read music. He was a fantastic teacher. My daughter was imediately drawn to him. His very kind but strict and very steady demeanor gave the lessons a wonderful steadiness and focus. He was kind and very patient and very aware with the process that it would take for a young child to be able to absorb the abstract concepts of the notes and music theory. He made piano lessons fun and the progress we experienced during the time that he taught my daughter was amazing. My daughter and I always looked forward to classes with Jarred and will miss him. We wish him the very best in his future and highly recommend him! He is trueley the best!

5 out of 5 Talented teacher, happy student - August 26, 2012

By The Ripps, Piano Lessons

Conscientious professionalism, intuitive teaching, a gentle disposition, and an appropriate adherence to technique: these are qualities we were delighted to discover while having Jarred as our 7 year-old daughter's piano teacher this past year. We couldn't have asked for a better start and foundation for her. She progressed very rapidly with his teaching and never lost her excitement about learning. Jarred was always on time to lessons, always prepared, and had many times shown that he had given extra thought to what was needed for her progression and enjoyment. And all this while teaching dozens of students and earning his masters degree, simultaneously. Without reservation, our family is pleased to recommend Jarred's teaching to anyone.

5 out of 5 Awesome teacher - August 25, 2012

By Neel Prabhakar, Piano Lessons

I am Neel, six and half year old, and was taking Piano lessons with Jarred.

Jarred is a very nice and awesome teacher. He almost taught me for a year. It is sad that he moved to New York. He made me feel Piano very interesting. He is very soft and was like my friend. He taught me all the basics and dynamics very well and would fix my mistakes very well. I loved taking lessons with him and I used to look forward for his class every week.

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