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Instruments: Drums,Piano

About Me:
My name is Zach. I have been teaching for over 8 years with knowledge and experience in a vast array of musical styles. I am a professional musician with over 14 years of experience and have toured all over the world doing what I love. I love to teach and am passionate about offering my knowledge and experience to ANYONE who is interested in music regardless of experience or age. I have had experience teaching private lessons, group lessons, ensembles, and workshop classes of many different musical styles and genres.

My number one priority is providing you with the necessary tools to excel at an extremely productive rate, while maintaining a fun experience. I think it is very important to help you learn to not only be technically proficient, but to provide you with the tools to be musically unlimited playing the musical style of YOUR interest. From Jazz, Latin, African, Afro- Cuban and Fusion styles to R and B, Soul, Neo-Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Funk, Pop and Rock, I can help you become proficient playing any genre you'd like!

Please take the time to read a testimonial from one of my private students parents...

"My daughter, Rose, first met Zach through a rock'n'roll summer camp program. She came home from every day of camp so excited about drumming. Her lessons with Zach were the highlight of every day she spent in the program. Following camp Rose began weekly lessons with Zach. Drums were not the first instrument Rose had played but they certainly have been the best learning experience in terms of the teaching style Zach brings to his lessons. Zach did a great job relating to Rose's interest and teaching her the basics she needed to be a great drummer in the context of music she likes to listen to. He spent his own time listening to songs Rose liked in order to figure out the drum beats and write them into sheet music for her to practice with at home. He had a truly wonderful rapport with her and managed to effortlessly get her to do her best for him week after week. Rose has become a talented and confident drummer over the course of the last year and as a result has joined her middle school's jazz band for next year. I would highly recommend Zach as a drum teacher. He will be irreplaceable for Rose.

Lisa G,
Newton, MA"

Thank you for your time.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • Private Studio Drum Lessons [2004 - 2012]
  • Percussion Instructor at Berklee Five Week [2012 - 2012]
  • Drum Instructor at Day Jams Rock Music Camp [2011 - 2011]
  • Percussion Instructor at Ocheami Culture Club [2011 - 2011]
  • Drum Instructor at Seattle Public Schools [2008 - 2009]
  • Piano/Basic music Instructor at FOIA Beacon NY [2012 - 2013]


  • Graduated, Jazz Performance (BA), The New England Conservatory of Music [2012]

Studied With:

  • Billy Hart [2008 - 2012]
  • Cecil McBee [2009 - 2012]
  • Jason Moran [2011 - 2012]
  • Danillo Perez [2008 - 2009]


  • Outstanding Soloist 1st Place Winner - Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival [2007]
  • First Place Ensemble Award - Reno Jazz Festival [2007]

Recent Performances:

  • Royal Room Seattle [August, 2012]
  • Berklee Performance Center [June, 2012]
  • Boston Jazz Week [May, 2012]
  • Montreux Jazz Festival [July, 2007]
  • Umbria Jazz Festival [August, 2007]
  • Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis. [April, 2007]


  • Significant Merit Awards [2008 - 2012]

Student Reviews for Zach

5.0 out of 5 (2 reviews)
(5.0 out of 5 stars)

Write an online review about Zach and share your thoughts with other students!

5 out of 5 A Great Teacher!!! - October 2, 2012

By James Preston, Drums Lessons

It was a real pleasure working with Zach. Not only is he an amazing teacher/tutor, but his laidback nature makes him easy to work and connect with while still getting things done. Zach has formal training in many genres of music making him extremely versatile. What really sets him apart from others though is his creativity and openedness. I learned a lot from working with Zach and would highly reccomend him to anyone looking to learn about percussion or music in general. Best of luck to you in the future Zach.

5 out of 5 An Awesome Tutor - September 12, 2012

By Christine K., Drums Lessons

We're delighted to recommend Zach Para as a tutor specializing in music. During his final semester at the New England Conservatory, Zach worked intensively with our son Sam (a high school senior at the time) on an ambitious senior-year independent study project on the impact of digital sampling in the modern music industry. Zach came highly recommended by family friends who are very knowledgeable about music, and he already had a substantial track record of teaching, tutoring, performing and touring.

Zach quickly established a great rapport with Sam around their shared love of music, and we were very impressed by several aspects of his tutoring style. First, he did not try to impose his own vision on Sam's project, which we have seen some other tutors do. Instead, he respected Sam's ideas and his personal learning style and patiently mentored him to find and express his own vision and voice. Second, in a very short time period, he taught Sam how to work with digital sampling software, a whole new set of fairly complicated skills that were necessary to complete the production portion of the study project. Third, Zach not only guided Sam in producing an original piece but encouraged him to go the extra mile by practicing and polishing the presentation he was required to make to a panel of judges (who were very positive and enthusiastic in their feedback). Throughout this process, Zach was incredibly well organized, deadline-oriented and serious about keeping his commitments, traits we sometimes find are lacking in younger people. And did we mention that he is an awesome musician who plays with a wide range of equally talented people and is a really, really nice guy?

We're confident he'll be a positive influence on any students he works with and successful in whatever he puts his mind to.


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