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Brian R.

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Instruments: Clarinet,Saxophone,Flute

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • I have taught music at all levels for 38 years, and have been active as a soloist, chamber musician, recitalist, conductor, lecturer and author. [1975 - 2012]


  • Graduated, Music Education (PhD.), Eastman School of Music [1998]
  • Graduated, Woodwind Instruments (M.M.), University of Michigan-Ann Arbor [1979]
  • Graduated, Music Education (B.M.), Ithaca College [1975]

Studied With:

  • Donald Sinta [1976 - 1979]
  • John Mohler [1976 - 1979]
  • Arno Mariotti [1976 - 1979]
  • Lewis Hugh Cooper [1976 - 1979]
  • Edward J. Gobrecht, Jr. [1970 - 1974]
  • Mordechai Rechtman [1971 - 1978]
  • Jane Taylor [1975 - 1981]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • Several in Wind Instrument teaching, performance, and conducting, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor [1978]

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