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Drums Teacher

Influences: Drummers include: Mike Mangini, Chad Sexton, Brian Fraiser Moore, Aaron Spears, Adrian Young, John Blackwell, Chad Smith, Eric Moore, Tommy Lee, just to name a few...

Guitar Teacher

Influences: Today's hit Pop artists, Classic rock, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band, Cream, Black Sabbath, just to name a few...

Piano Teacher

Influences: Today's hit Pop artists, Classic rock, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band, Cream, Black Sabbath, just to name a few...

About Me:
Elisa S. is already a 16-year musical veteran. Elisa provided the grooves for New Jersey based upcoming MTV artist Just Kait . She also provided the pocket for multiplatinum recording artist DMC’s (formulary known as Run-DMC) new upcoming debut solo album. She is also the former drummer of the popular East Coast Rap-core band and “MTV’s Battle for Ozzfest” contestants, Sicks Deep. Elisa is currently residing in Miami playing for one of Miami’s Top Rock/Funk groups, Urban Rebel and LL Cool J’s hip-hop artist BD (also known as Brian Desind).

To hone her craft, she has studied with legendary drummers such as John Blackwell (Justin Timberlake/Prince), Mike Mangini (Dream Theater), Tommy Igoe, Kim Plainfield, Tony "Thunder" Smith and Terri Lynn Carrington. Elisa attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA graduating in May 2007. She obtained a degree in Professional Music (with a concentration in Music Performance and Business).​

She recorded an acclaimed self-titled EP with the Rap-core band, Sicks Deep, Elisa has also recorded two acclaimed independent EP’s, Something Wicked This Way Come, and The Foundation (which has placed high on the MP3 charts). She just returned back home from an overseas USO tour in the Middle East playing for the US troops. She is currently finishing up Urban Rebel’s self titled EP, the date of release is TBA. She is profiled in the May 2004 issue of Modern Drummer and in the October/November 2004 issue of Drum! Magazine.

Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

To inquire about lessons with Elisa, please fill out the Inquiry Form on this page, or call us at (800) 417-4620.


  • Drum/Percussion Experience [1995 - 2013]
  • Private Instruction [2005 - 2013]
  • Drum Corp Experience [1997 - 1999]
  • Jazz Band Experience [1998 - 2001]
  • Percussion Ensemble Experience [1998 - 2001]
  • Marching Band Experience [1999 - 2001]
  • Drummer for DMC (Run-Dmc) [2005 - 2013]
  • Drummer For Sony Artist, Pedro Capo [2010 - 2012]
  • Drummer For Mtv's Just Kait [2007 - 2009]
  • Drummer for "Mtv's Battle for Ozzfest Band," Sicks Deep [2000 - 2004]
  • Drummer for Indie/Pop band, The Scarlet Ending [2008 - 2010]
  • Drummer for LL Cool J's Hip-Hop artist, BD [2011 - 2012]
  • Drummer for Miami's Top Electro-Funk/Rock band, Urban Rebel [2009 - 2013]
  • Drum Movements featured in Video Game, Rock Band 2 [2009]


  • Graduated, Performance (BA), Berklee College of Music [2007]
  • Graduated, Music Buisness (BA), Berklee College of Music [2007]

Studied With:

  • John Blackwell [2006 - 2013]
  • Mike Mangini [2006 - 2007]
  • Terri Lynn Carrington [2005 - 2006]
  • Tommy Igoe [1998 - 2000]
  • Kim Plainfield [2004 - 2007]

Recent Performances:

  • The Culture Room with Sevendust [December, 2012]
  • The Culture Room with Hed PE [September, 2012]
  • Tobacco Road with Fishbone [February, 2013]


  • Urban Rebel - "Self Titled" [2013]
  • The Scarlet Ending - "Ghosts" [2010]
  • DMC - "Checks, Thugs, Rock N' Roll" [2009]


  • Marching Band Scholarship [2001]

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