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Instruments: Piano

About Me:
Playing and teaching piano is my great passion in life. I dearly love helping students learn. My wish for them is that they learn to express their deepest, truest selves through their playing. To that end, we work alot on technique, so that they can attain mastery of their instrument. We also work alot on expressive playing, including beautiful tone, dynamics, and rhythmic motion. Along with working on the standard classical repertoire, I let my students choose pieces which suit their own personalities. In addition to weekly lessons I offer group performance classes, which are held every 6 weeks or so. At these classes students gain performance experience in small, informal settings. They learn how to project their music to their audience, how to handle nervousness, how to cover mistakes, how to handle memory lapses, and much more. When I am not teaching I am practicing myself or spending time with my 3 dear kitties.

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • I taught piano for 10 years at Potomac School in McLean. Program included private lessons, group lessons and recital presentations. [1985 - 1994]
  • I've taught full time at my home for 34 years. Program includes weekly lessons, group performance classes every 6 weeks or so, 2 major recitals, and participation in 3 music festivals per year. [1978 - 2013]


  • Graduated, Masters of Piano Performance (MA), Catholic University [1979]

Studied With:

  • Bela Nagy [1977 - 1979]

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