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Drums Teacher

Influences: Danny Carey, Michael Portnoy, Neal Peart, David Silveria, Vic Vella.

About Me:
I started giving private lessons as a senior in high school to lower-classmen while I was still taking lessons myself. As a total proud band geek all four years, I beat out my fellow class mates and became Section Leader of a drumline of 16 stick breakers my Junior and Senior years through practice, hard work, and a passion for music.

After graduating and moving on to college, Aurora High School invited me back as their permanent Drum-line Counselor and Assistant Music Instructor for the following five years. I encouraged and invited all of my students to take lessons privately if they aspired to grow their talents and formed many life long relationships.

On the weekends, I gave private lessons to youngsters as young as 7 and up to age 18 with Woodsy's Music teaching full drum kit, solo snare, or any marching band instrument their local school offered.

Throughout college I toured with a traveling rock band in Northeastern Ohio, as well as joining the Marching Golden Flashes learning under the same instructor for the Glassmen Drum Corps. Passion for music comes from one's heart and soul, and I encourage any one who bears a love for music to find that fire within and exercise it to perfection!

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  • Aurora High School Greenmen Drumline [1999 - 2003]
  • Marching Golden Flashes [2003 - 2005]
  • Aurora High School Private Drum Instructor [2003 - 2007]
  • Woodsy's Music Private Instructor [2006 - 2008]


  • Graduated, Electronic Media Production (BS), Kent State University [2008]

Studied With:

  • Victor Vella [1998 - 2003]


  • Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence - United States Marines Youth Foundation, Inc. [2003]
  • Jazz Musician of the Year - Aurora High School [2003]


  • When Words Fail You - "EP" [2005]


  • Gary Brookhart Scholorship for Music [2003]

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