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Howard (Jaui) S.

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Piano Teacher

Influences: Vince Guaraldi-Tom Jobim-Stevie Wonder-Hermeto Pascoal-Hank jones-Bill Evens-Mcoy Tyner-Ray Charles-Bill Evans-Ceasar Camargo Mariano-Steve Allen-Chico Marx

Bass Teacher

Influences: Chuck Rainey-Harvey Brooks

Drums Teacher

Influences: Bernard Purdy-Elvin Jones

About Me:
Howard (Jaui) S. has been a professional musician since the mid 1960's

Jaui’s music has been described as sophisticated, yet easy on the ears.

A combination of his earliest musical love and influence, Bacharach and David, mixed with the great pop, jazz and latin music he came up with in the mid 60′s and seventies, throw in the best of the current sounds,

His musical mission is to make you feel -

Jaui’s music has been heard worldwide as themes and underscores used in network and cable shows including Days Of Our Lives, What Not To Wear, The Healthy Kids Show. and many more. His pop music has been performed on the Tonight Show.

He has composed/arranged for and recorded with Roberta Flack, Phyllis Hyman, Carmen Lundy, Ray Barretto, Shella E and others

He has composed/arranged and produced advertising music for clients such as Folgers, Orange Crush. Hires Root Beer, Panasonic McDonalds, Kelloggs and many others.

Jaui currently lives in South Florida, composing.arranging, producing, performing and teaching

Elementary School, Pre-teen, Teenage, Adult

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  • I vary my teaching/coaching approach according to the students interests, goals and aptitude. I use the available technology of computers and the internet as a tool rather than a crutch. I check up on my students during the week to make sure the inspiration is still there.

Studied With:

  • Vince Magio [1974 - 2013]
  • James Progris [1968 - 1970]
  • Kyriena Siloti [1984 - 1986]
  • Ray Santisi [1970 - 1972]
  • Aurthur Madoff [1970 - 1971]
  • Mike Gerber [2000 - 2002]

Seminars and Workshops Attended:

  • Songwriter Workshop, BMI [1982]

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