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Before you can take bass lessons you'll need to find a good teacher who can show you the fundamentals and get you started down the right path. Encore Music Lessons has helped many aspiring bass students connect with professional teachers in their area.

Qualified teachers

Having a degree in music doesn't automatically make someone a good bass teacher. In fact there are great instructors who do not have degrees. However, going to school for music does make it easier to explain complex musical topics to students in terms they can understand.

The bass teachers you'll see in our Teacher Directory such as Daniel F. and Giacomo M. have attended prestigious institutions such as North Texas University, and The New England Conservatory.

The teachers we work with teach all styles of bass and work with anyone from beginner to advanced.

Call us today to get started! Our office is open for phone calls Monday through Friday between 10am and 6pm.

Gift Certificates

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Would you like to give the gift of bass lessons to someone living in the area? Gift Certificates are available in groups of 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 lessons.

For instant delivery, we can email you the gift certificate in PDF format. Or if you'd like, we can send it by conventional mail, either to you or to the person who will be taking lessons.

Student Reviews

Stephanie H.

Ms. Stephanie H. is a great teacher. Stephanie made me feel very comfortable; at ease. I would definitely continue to take my lessons with her. I was able to go to my first singing audition with confidence after going over some music she helped me to choose.

Kim S.- Valley Stream Teacher: Stephanie H.

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