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Whether this is your first time playing a clarinet or whether you're just looking to improve, getting in touch with a skilled teacher is an absolute must. At Encore Music Lessons our main objective is connecting students with great clarinet teachers.

Did you know?

Many teachers who teach clarinet such as Jon D., also teach other woodwind instruments like flute and saxophone. In professional parlance this is called "doubling". It's common practice because the saxophone, clarinet, and flute have a lot in common in terms of the manner in which they're played.

If learning the clarinet is something you really have an interest in then feel free to call us today. One of our friendly student counselors can answer your questions and put you in touch with a great clarinet teacher!

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Student Reviews

A Wonderful Cello Teacher

As an adult, but also as a new student of the cello, I have most enjoyed my lessons with Lesley. Not only is she an inspired musician, she is an inspiring teacher. She is both exacting and encouraging. The lessons are challenging, but also fluid, allowing time and development of exercises to address one's own particular "issues". This dynamic allows the lesson to be extremely tailored to one's own particular challenges and efforts to play better. She also conveys extremely interesting and helpful information about the cello, its history, how it is made and what contributes to the beauty of the sound...and even how best to carry and care for the instrument. And, she is extremely personable, and, more specifically, her love for the music shines brightly. If you really want to learn how to play, and have fun doing so, your should contact Lesley. I strongly recommend her!

MCW - New York, NY Teacher: Lesley R.

About the Clarinet

About the Clarinet

The clarinet is widely used as a solo instrument. The relatively late evolution of the clarinet (when compared to other orchestral woodwinds) has left a considerable amount of solo repertoire from the Classical, Romantic and Modern periods but few works from the Baroque era.


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