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At Encore Music Lessons our main function is connecting students with high quality music teachers. If taking flute lessons is something that interests you, then we want to help!

Real experience

There's a big difference between playing your flute alone in a practice room and playing for a hundred people in a hall or club. If you're going to take flute lessons, it's great when your teacher has real experience performing. Certain aspects of music just can't be learned any other way. At Encore Music Lessons we're proud to work with flute teachers like Aaron H. who have performed at places like the Monterey Jazz festival, The North Sea Jazz Festival, and the Berklee Performance Center.

Stop thinking about playing the flute and start making it a reality. Call one of our student counselors Monday through Friday to get more information about beginning your lessons.

Gift Certificates

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Flute lesson Gift Certificates make a great present! You can purchase them in groups of 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 lessons.

We'll email you the gift certificate as a PDF for instant delivery. Or if you prefer, we can send it by mail to you or the person you're giving it to.

Student Reviews

Stephanie H.

Ms. Stephanie H. is a great teacher. Stephanie made me feel very comfortable; at ease. I would definitely continue to take my lessons with her. I was able to go to my first singing audition with confidence after going over some music she helped me to choose.

Kim S.- Valley Stream Teacher: Stephanie H.

About the Flute

About the Flute

Flutes can be played with several different air sources. Conventional flutes are blown with the mouth, although some cultures use nose flutes. The Flue pipes of Organs, which are acoustically similar to duct flutes, are blown by bellows or fans.


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