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What's the most awesome instrument ever created? Give up? That's right, it's the guitar! And an instrument like the guitar needs an equally awesome instructor to teach it.

Easier than you think

Encore Music Lessons exists to connect you, the aspiring guitarist, with a guitar teacher that can really take your music to the next level.

Because the guitar is used in so many kinds of music, you'll see instructors on our website with diverse musical backgrounds such as Alejandro F., Robert B., and Andreas A.! Feel free to request the teacher that interests you!

All guitarists (that means you!) from extreme beginners to advanced players will improve with lessons from a master teacher.

To get more info on how the process works, give us a call today! You can reach one of our friendly staff weekdays between 10am and 6pm EST.

Gift Certificates

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Looking for a great gift idea? We have music lesson Gift Certificates available in denominations of 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 lessons.

If you want the Gift Certificate right away we can email it to you as a PDF file. You also have the option of receiving it through regular mail.

Student Reviews

Great experience!

I came to Galina with no prior experience in classical singing. What I learned in the time that I was her student is amazing! She was always professional, welcoming, and encouraging. Not to mention extremely talented! I highly recommend her for lessons.

Marina Rodriguez - Jenkintown, PA Teacher: Galina S.

About the Guitar

About the Guitar

The Vinaccia family of luthiers (guitar makers) is known for developing the mandolin, and may have built the earliest extant six string guitar.


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