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If you're looking for a good violin teacher, then you've come to the right place. At Encore Music Lessons our job is connecting students with top notch instructors who can help them reach their goals.

Live performance experience

While much of teaching the violin has to do with technique, it's a plus when your teacher has real experience performing. After all, if you're taking violin lessons your goal is to play music, not just practice!

Many of the violin teachers we work with such as Renata O. and Jason W. have performed with major organizations like Lincoln Center, and the American Youth Symphony.

Don't cheat yourself! Make sure you get off to a good start by connecting with a qualified violin teacher. Our friendly staff is available Monday through Friday to answer questions and connect you with a great violin teacher!

Gift Certificates

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Would you like to give the gift of violin lessons to someone living in the area? Gift Certificates are available in groups of 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 lessons.

For instant delivery, we can email you the gift certificate in PDF format. Or if you'd like, we can send it by conventional mail, either to you or to the person who will be taking lessons.

Student Reviews

Patient Teacher

Annabelle was my daughter's first piano teacher when my daughter was eight years old. Annabelle was very patient, nurturing, and encouraging in her teaching style, which made my daughter feel very much at ease. Annabelle has a relaxed approach that was well-suited for my daughter, who -- being new to piano -- was thrilled to be playing tunes on the instrument in a very short time.

Upali - Kew Gardens Hills, NY Teacher: Annabelle H.

About the Violin

About the Violin

A violin is sometimes informally called a fiddle, regardless of the type of music played on it. The word "violin" comes to us through the Romance languages from the Middle Latin word vitula, meaning "stringed instrument".


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